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About Us

We provide expertise in business development, coaching and wellbeing in the workplace

Everything we do is underpinned by the ethos that people are the most important asset for any business. Ultimately, they make the difference. We understand the demands of fast paced finance and technology businesses and appreciate how constant change and busyness can be damaging to individuals and teams unless carefully managed.

Why are we different?

Our blend of commercial, interpersonal and leadership skills enable us to inspire, motivate and coach individuals and teams to deliver excellence. We help people explore themselves further to make changes that improve their lives inside and outside the workplace.

Why do we succeed?

We understand that the quickest and most efficient route to success is by leveraging networks and identifying synergies. We also know that results are achieved by developing the skills and competencies of a team. We deliver value by providing strategies to help define and manage activity and build personal capability.

Our team

We are a small team with a big network and a large reach. Our principal consultant David Drever, works in partnership with business colleagues in the fields of Sales Channel Development, Sales & Marketing Recruitment and Coaching.

David Drever

David has 20 years experience in developing direct and indirect sales channels. After building a highly successful strategic partnership and alliances channel for WorldPay’s Global eCommerce division, he now spends his time consulting for several leading global technology brands. He recently founded a coaching business that focuses on building confidence and resilience in the workplace. For more information see:

Matt Greenhill

In 2000 Matt founded The Greenhill Group, specializing in working with high calibre sales and marketing professionals. Matt believes that expert consultation is the key to successful recruitment. From clearly defining the parameters of each role to identifying each candidate’s aptitudes, ambitions and cultural desires, careful consultation allows them to pinpoint candidates who form an exact fit.

“David was a massive inspiration to me when I joined Worldpay 4 years ago. The London to Paris charity bike ride was your idea, you made a promise, delivered, brought people together, had fun and raised loads of money for 3 wonderful charities. You showed true leadership, passion, dedication and support - all with a smile on your face”.

Rob Negus

Delivery Director – eCommerce

Our skills

Confidence & Resilience Coaching
Business Development
Relationship Management
Strategic Partner Development
Sales Strategy Development

What we do

Coaching & Wellbeing

The business world is full of coaches working with top tier executives.

However, few businesses focus on their emerging talent. Nurturing emerging high performers at the optimum time makes crucial differences. Effective coaching accelerates development but more importantly enables people to build the strong foundations of ‘life balance’ which are often overlooked. We use a blend of Coaching, Communication, Influencing, Confidence and Resilience building techniques, to ensure we can develop the ‘whole person’. In the modern, fast paced, busy and ruthless business world, the pastoral care element is often forgotten. We help evolve talent in a way that brings improved results in the workplace, yet preserves and enhances work-life balance.

Strategic Business Development

With over 25 years’ experience around developing high performing teams, we understand the things that make the difference.

A successful sales channel needs high quality business developers, channel partner and relationship managers all working effectively together to deliver value. We know how to find nurture, inspire and motivate the best people – because we understand people.

Leveraging Global Networks

We partner with an elite global network of people and businesses and we know how to communicate with people to demonstrate value.

We live in an interconnected world. Successful business development in the modern workplace is about simplifying messages and connecting value. A companies network is its ‘net worth’ – and ours is extensive. By leveraging our connections, we can often significantly reduce the length of sales cycles and get results quicker.

“David is one of the most dedicated and passionate professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. David is not only highly self motivated but also an inspiring leader with a great ability to build interpersonal relations and motivate others. His knowledge is vast and thorough coupled with fantastic communication skills allowing him to shine in a fast-paced environment. David is a definitely a great asset to any team or company”.

Ryan Lane

Global Partnerships Director, Digital Content

Contact Us

We’re happy to anwser any questions you may have, just drop us a message in the form below, or alternatively you can call David on +44 7789 435430.


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